August 11, 2015

Floor Leveling

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the best flooring product for your home. You have considered the color, look, style, maintenance, durability and practicality of various products. But don’t overlook one of the most important things that will protect your investment. It is important to read and understand the warranty offered by the flooring manufacturer. Educate yourself about the requirements that must be met in order for the warranty to be honored. If you are concerned about your current floor meeting those requirements, call for a consultation. With our knowledge and equipment, we can grind down the high spots, fill in the low spots and provide the proper foundation for your new flooring. It will save you from buying those expensive “self leveling” bags of cement compound, that never provide the results you expect. Give us a call to explore solutions to your particular problem and then let us do the job right, bringing your floors to the “Next Level“.


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